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What are the advantages of buying real estate during the construction phase?

Lower cost: Investing in real estate during the construction phase in Turkey, at the time of foundation pouring, can lead to future savings of up to 40-50% compared to the cost of the same property when completed, rather than buying the same apartment during the complex handover.

Wide range of options: Buyers can choose the optimal square footage, number of rooms, apartment layout, and even the view from the windows on any floor.

Installment plans from the construction company (interest-free): This is an excellent option for people who do not have the full amount upfront. The buyer makes an initial payment of 30-50%, and the remaining amount is divided into equal payments until the completion of the complex.

Layout changes: After the technical passport (iskan) is obtained for the building, each buyer has the opportunity to make adjustments to the layout according to their preferences.

Legal cleanliness: Property in a new building has no questionable history. Before the transaction, there is no need to check the legal history of the apartments, as no one has lived in them before. The buyer becomes the first and only owner of the square meters, eliminating problems, disputes, and legal claims from third parties.

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