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The main districts of Mersin and their characteristics are as follows:

Akdeniz: An industrial district with three factories – cement, oil refining, and glass. Numerous organizations from various sectors operate here. The port and the city's tallest building, the Mert skyscraper, are located in this area. The district is well-equipped with transportation options, including taxis, buses, and trains. Despite these amenities, Akdeniz may not be considered a suitable place for residence due to significant air pollution caused by industrial activities. This deters migrants and tourists, resulting in a population mostly composed of locals.

Mezitli: A good modern district along the Mediterranean coast with a long shoreline and clean air. It is a calm part of the city suitable for foreign citizens looking for a place to live.

Toroslar: Home to Republic Square, but residential buildings are quite far from the coast. If proximity to the sea is not a priority, this option may be considered.

Yenişehir: A district with excellent infrastructure, including a university and the largest shopping center. It is also famous for the beautiful Mersin waterfront. Yenişehir is located on the coast, making property prices relatively high. However, investing in real estate is worthwhile, as the prices for completed properties consistently grow by 10-15 percent annually.

Erdemli: If you prefer a quiet environment, you might consider choosing the suburban area of Mersin.



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